Learning after graduation

The Learning Lab at An Lòchran was used recently by a university alumni group to discuss how to use the results of their Masters research. The former students from the MSc in Leadership and Management joined dissertation supervisors Sarah Fraser and Tara Morrison to map potential research themes and identify future collaborative opportunities. For some attending this was the first time that they had met face to face with their fellow students from this fully online course.

Opening the event Keith Smyth (Professor of Pedagogy and Head of the Learning and Teaching Academy) provided advice on developing skills and practice in research including: the importance of creating networks of support; of embracing digital scholarship; and transitioning into scholarly and professional communities. This was followed by a presentation by each alumnus about their dissertation research. Many presenters chose to reflect on the way in which their studies had influenced and enhanced their role in the workplace.

Key themes emerging were the context of working in the Highlands and Islands, particularly the challenges of connectivity in a remote and rural local environment. In addition, specific leadership issues were explored with sector specific, gender and ‘perceptions of followers’ all being highlighted as areas for future research.


Sarah Fraser, Module Leader & Lecturer in Marketing and Enterprise commented on the success of the event: “This was an excellent culmination of our MSc studies, and an wonderful opportunity for all present to discuss the current academic and practical issues of both leadership and management. We are immensely proud of what these students have achieved so far and are totally supportive of all the really positive future plans.”

This event is one of several that have taken place in the Learning Lab recently. Others have included: a workshop for subject leads and representatives from Skills Development Scotland, to support the introduction of the new foundation apprenticeship scheme; and the Society, Identity, Landscape and Knowledge (SILK) Research Cluster, bringing together researchers from across the university to encourage collaboration and interdiciplinary research. The Learning Lab is free for colleagues from across the university to use for their research, learning and teaching, or professional development events. Please contact lta@uhi.ac.uk for more information.

Ann Tilbury & Heather Fotheringham





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