Building educational leadership capacity: urgency and agency

In common with most academic institutions, the University finds itself under increasing pressure from various quarters. The globalisation and marketisation of education continues to generate competition between institutions, not just locally but worldwide. Academic institutions, are increasingly managed like businesses, with the associated bureaucracy, resource-focused and commercial mindsets.   Covid-19 has exacerbated these pressures, in two … Continue reading Building educational leadership capacity: urgency and agency

Growing Tree Culture at UHI

Mandy Haggith, Over the past year students at the Scottish School of Forestry (SSF) have been writing poetry, immersing in Gaelic tree tradition and perhaps even trying out the odd magic spell. Meanwhile, UHI literature and creative writing students have been getting to grips with the distinguishing features of blackthorn and hawthorn, the spread … Continue reading Growing Tree Culture at UHI

What do we mean by ‘tertiary’? And why does it matter?

For our first Critical Perspectives post of this year, Lydia Rohmer, Principal of West Highland College UHI and Vice-Principal (Tertiary) for UHI challenges us to think about the meaning of tertiary education (adapted from her opening address at the University's Learning and Teaching conference, January 2020 #UHILTC20) The University of the Highlands and Islands is … Continue reading What do we mean by ‘tertiary’? And why does it matter?

#UHILTC20: Tertiaryness for the digital generation

The university's second Learning and Teaching conference was held at Inverness Campus 22-23 January 2020. Over 120 colleagues attended over the two days in which there were: 3 keynotes1 panel session29 presentation sessions14 workshops and discussion sessions4 Gasta talks (explanation below!) UHI Learning and Teaching Conference 2020, Inverness Campus, January 2020. Here, audiences throughout the … Continue reading #UHILTC20: Tertiaryness for the digital generation